Unit 3.1 Revision Questions

Section A Qs 2011 jun

Unit 3 past questions

1.State the name of one experimental design(1)

2.Explain the difference between a structured and unstructured interview (3)

3.Explain one ethical problem (2)

4.Describe what is meant by an observation (2)

5.Outline what is meant by the term ‘gender bias’ (3)

6.Name one sampling method (1)

7.Outline one disadvantage of using a lab experiment (2)

8.Outline one advantage of using an interview to collect data (2)

9.How is the mean used to calculate an average? (2)

10.Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative date (3)

11.What three ways can data be represented in a research report? (3)

12.Outline one advantage of using independent groups and one advantage of using repeated measures (4)



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